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We offer mentorship services to help farmers get the best products in town and of good quality

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This is a platform available for all the youths in town..Empowering both men and women to get into agriculture.

About Us

Agrodakk Ltd has been operating locally since 2015 for local sales and home consumption until 2020 when we started production of capsicum, cucumber, strawberry, herbs,lettuce among other horticulture crops for commercial purposes.since then the company has been setting up new technologies on food production including hydroponics system as a way of mitigating against unpredictable weather.Throughout the years we have been in operation, Agrodakk has empowered women and youths, through mentorship programs that promote agricultural best practices to enhance food security in the country .Agrodakk has emphasized quality with the use of modern technology in agriculture,through mechanization which has reduced the cost of inputs while maximizing on the output.



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